How to check if I have Rippex balances?

Please open your ripple account and go to "overview". Then click on the coins to show the details of each coin you have:




Check the addresses for each non-zero balance you have, those are the issuers of your balances. In the case below the account has 48k BRL issued by rippex.




In order to check if your balances were issued by Rippex see if they are issued by the following addresses:

Endereço Rippex - BRL rfNZPxoZ5Uaamdp339U9dCLWz2T73nZJZH
Endereço Rippex - BTC rKxKhXZCeSDsbkyB8DVgxpjy5AHubFkMFe
Endereço Rippex - LTC rKxKhXZCeSDsbkyB8DVgxpjy5AHubFkMFe


Good luck!

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