Using Regular Keys - Security

You should never ever share your secret keys with anyone since it grants total control over your account, because Secret Keys (that your see in your wallets starting with an "s") are seeds that are used to generate your master key.


Fortunately, Ripple accounts can use "Regular Keys". Regular keys can be created and revoked, and they allow Ripple users to use their accounts without exposing their master keys.


Generate a Regular Key to your account and use it on your daily operations. Whenever you think it is necessary (you suspect your account was compromised, or security routine, etc), you can revoke it using your master key and the Regular Key will be powerless, and you recovered the exclusive control over your account.


To create a Regular Key open your Ripple Account, make sure it is online, and go to "Settings/Security Settings" and click on "Generate Regular Key":



Then click to save a wallet file that will store your Regular Key:



Now you can open this wallet file instead of your main wallet file and still be able to use the same account.

Whenever your want, you can revoke the Regular key by clicking on "remove" and mitigate ant risks related to security breaches when using your Regular Key wallet.



Please, always keep your Secret Keys in a safe place accessible only to you. This way, no matter what happens with Regular Key wallet files, passwords, you will never lose access to your accounts.

Beware of this bug recently reported when using Regular Keys.


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