Why do I need a Ripple account and a Rippex Account?

Rippex does not hold users' Ripple secret keys in any way. We believe the biggest benefit from a decentralized exchange is to allow users to hold their own keys and keep their XRP and issuances as safe as they want. Users can manage their accounts and use many levels of access to the funds, from totally offline accounts to locally stored online accounts to accounts stored on online servers.

Differently from bitcoin exchanges, where the exchange has total control over users' funds and account activity, Ripple's decentralized exchange allow users to trade their XRP in its native ledger without handing it to any third party.

Besides that, all the trading activity in the Ripple Consensus Ledger is handled and validated by the entire network, providing a provably fair public exchange for anyone with an internet connection.


That's why you need two accounts:

Your Ripple account is used to hold funds, make payments and trade assets without having to visit any website.

Your Rippex account is needed if you want to deposit and withdraw BTC and BRL using our gateway services.

Create your Rippex account here.

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