See what to do in your first access to your Rippex Account

In order to make everything smooth and fast for you to start depositing, withdrawing and trading, please follow these steps:

  1. Register a Ripple account here
  2. Register a bank account here
  3. Register your bitcoin addresses here
  4. Using your Ripple account, create a BRL trustline to rfNZPxoZ5Uaamdp339U9dCLWz2T73nZJZH and a BTC trustline to rKxKhXZCeSDsbkyB8DVgxpjy5AHubFkMFe. See hoe to create trustlines here
  5. Deposit bitcoins in your Ripple account. See how to do this here
  6. Ask for a BRL deposit here

And you are ready to trade!

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