How to manage secret keys

If you chose to be the bearer of your digital assets you MUST learn about how to store secret keys.

First step is to write it down during the account creation and validate it just after by building the account using the key. See here how to use the key to recover an account.


In order to avoid losing access to your Ripple account ALWAYS keep copies of your the secret keys in private and safe places.


After creating and validating you have the right key stored, make copies of that in different types of media like physical media (like a piece of paper in a plastic bag, etc) and electronic medias like encrypted USB volumes.


Please do your own research and design your key storage strategy. Bear in mind that NOBODY can help you recover a key if you lose it. Mathematically it is easier to win the lottery than to get a particular key recovered.


If you have created your account and still have not stored it safely, please do that NOW and avoid regrets. If you use the desktop wallet please access settings / security settings and click "show".



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